Jenn Henry, originally from Central Florida, majored in Theatre Arts and general buffoonery at Converse College, in upstate South Carolina. Love of people, music and voices led her to radio in 1996 where she honed her production and on-air skills. In 2009, pregnant with her 1st child, Jenn fell victim to “the bottom line” as have so many in radio. Now, committed to being at home with her two sons and never again meeting with someone else’s fiscal gallows, in the Summer of 2011 she built a Home Depot shed in her cellar, rigged it with audio gear and launched a career as a freelance Voiceover, copy writer and audio editor.  

Since then, Jenn’s body of work has grown to include radio and television commercials, extensive tutorial libraries, English linguistics programs, webinar and eLearning series, corporate narration and audiobook productions.  

With life philosophies rooted  the Power of Positives and the belief that with smart work, creativity & a sense of humor anything is possible, Jenn delivers every job with gratitude and a smile. 

So, that’s me. Call, email or use the form below to tell me about you.

Though my individual forte is voiceover and copy writing, “Bringing more to the table”, is more than exceptioanal service. It is the  “rock solid network of resources” I mentioned. Working closely with ledgendary, New York based, audio director & sound production engineering master, Roy B. Yokelson I am, also, affiliated with tremendously talented and reliable people in the fields of:  video production, Power Point & Keynote creation, music composition, and project management. Whether I work with your team or introduce you to my colleagues, we can make any project happen together.


Voice only to fully produced radio and/or brand imaging. 

Your station, your brand has a persona.

Is it ‘dry/snarky’, ‘bright/uplifting’ or ‘smokey/smooth’? Let’s bring it to life.  


My flair for creating awesome meals will be of little use to your project; but I have an open door policy like no other. If ever you find yourself in my neck of the woods, you’re invited to see 1st hand how fun and creativity are just a part of life. When you truely love what you’re doing, the outcome is destined for greatness.


Commercial, educational, eLearning, medical, technical, corporate and audiobook narration, IVR/Phone systems, software tutorials, theatrical/video game voiceover.

From voice only to full production your search ends here. 


Full copy for radio, television and web commercials, conversion from “literal translation” to “colloquial English”, collaboration and consulting.

 More than a decade of writing successful radio campaigns, afforded me the opportunity to acquire approaches to telling each client’s unique story.